KSW OurOwnPath

“We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path and we will never be truly happy living someone else’s path :-) ” Kelley Wilks

Last year was a really crazy year for me and in looking back I’ve realized many things about myself. I don’t want to look back much, only enough to learn from my experiences. I have a lot to learn, but I am learning. I’m focusing on the things I want for my life and making them a priority (not what others expect from me or me to be). I’ve always had a strong since of me, yet I have not ever wanted to let others down. Thus I have done more living to their needs and what I thought they wanted from and for me.

NOW is my time to blossom… I am living my life and I am working towards living “MY Dream”. Sometimes things are not “practical” but I am putting my wishes out there by writing them on a sticky note and then putting it aside. I am trusting that the universe would not have me interested in something if it was not what I need (or something even better), so I am trusting that what is right will come my way if I am looking for it. My part is to be open to see it, and be at a place where I am mentally and physically ready for the wonderfulness of what’s ahead in MY life. Bring On 2013 and My Dream Path :-)  Here’s to you and your personal path also!