Creativity Is A Muscle – Flex It & Live More! – KelleyWilks

I was pondering this on my way home yesterday. Creativity is a muscle and like any muscle, it needs to be worked. In my years teaching pottery and other arts, I’ve run across many people who comment that they aren’t creative. I say “Hogwash!”

We are all creative beings. We all create weather in the kitchen when we substitute on a recipe, take a picture with our phone of something we like, arrange plants in our yard or even find a way to fix an accounting problem! Just because you can’t draw a straight line doesn’t mean anything. Right after giving 4 massages in one day, I can’t either, but I can be very creative. I own it!

Muscles may atrophy when only used to exist, but when used regularly, they become strong and can move the previously un-movable. Similarly with creativity, when we actively use it regularly, our ability to think outside the box and use creative thinking to tackle the ordinary and arrive with a totally new answer, can become our norm. A very fun and exciting norm, but our norm.

At our root, we are all creative; it’s how we exist. We create the world we live in with our desires and action. We create order when we organize our desk each day to begin our days work or when we put our clean laundry in the closet. We create fun when we are with friends doing things we enjoy… Get the picture?

So, my big question for you is, what do you want to create, and why are you not doing it? Go for it now and you won’t still be wishing for it next year. If you are needing assistance with it, I am here to help you workout your Creativity. Email me and we can discuss your options. Go have a grand day –