You Can Only Get What You Ask For - KelleyWilks.comAre You Asking In Life What You Are Worth… or are you giving it all away leaving you financially and emotionally drained? You can only get, what you ask for! –

My father and grandfather were car dealers and had the “sales-person gene” in that they could sell almost anything to anyone (even if they didn’t need or sometimes even couldn’t afford it). This always bothered me; not that I couldn’t do it, but that it always felt that it is taking advantage of others for self gain.

Thus when I operated my pottery supply retail business 03-09, I only brought in the highest quality tools, equipment and raw materials I could. I had to believe in what I was selling. I also, being in Wal-mart’s home territory, used the philosophy of selling more at a discount to make it better for both parties (high quality for lower prices). Something I learned from a friend of my mom who said “if it is good for you, and it is good for me, then it is a good deal. If not fix it or walk away”.

On the other-hand, I do not discount my art (pottery, journals or even massage) unless someone has been a long time purchaser or family&very close friends(and not always then). I am very giving in all aspects in my life and before the past 15 years would have even given discounts for these. But, I have learned to stick to my guns with them, because I “Know” the value – my effort and what they receive both.

My financial blocks seem to have been that, although I have helped many friends and even strangers over the decades, I’ve always given my knowledge and passion away – I think it’s a female nurturing trait. I now see it in my mind as just another form of art that I produce (like my massage is). I also now value myself enough to get the other part of the quote above… good for me also to be a good deal and not just good for them. I have value and should be compensated for what I bring to the table!

Reading Barbara Stanny’s book “OverComing UnderEarning” and working through it this past year with my book-club gals along with working with a good coach have both helped a bunch. Learning about my strengths and where they are, building on them, and not doing things just because “it is the way”, finding and making my way are all what’s working for me and will work for you. I’ve been developing the strength to do it and not be overly concerned with what those around me think when it feels right to me!

So my question to you again is, What are you worth? Are you asking for it? Why or why not? What can you do today, right now to take one step to asking for it? Now go do it and have a wonderful day, because YOU are so worth IT! – Kelley Wilks