What Treasures are You Keeping Hidden Deep Inside You? – KelleyWilks.com

We are each a font of treasures and often keep much of inside us, only letting more your hidden treasuresout for those closest to us. Why? We are each here for a purpose. Do you seriously think that purpose is to gain experiences, skills and knowledge, only to not help others with what you have learned?

Sweet soul, open up and shine a light on all your treasures… Blossom and open to all you can be and share, no shout it out, that you are important, you matter and you have valuable things to share with all the other wonderful starlights. Shine bright.

You may have been told by someone in your past that you are crap; well that is a full load of crap. You are special, we are all special. You are no more or less special than the next flower, so open up, blossom and be all that you were meant to be in this moment.

Once you begin stretching, you may have a few short lived “growth pains”, but they will diminish over time and the rungs on the ladder of your growth will begin to be closer and closer together. Easier! If you don’t open that door and let the sun shine on your gifts, they will become dusty, then rusty piles, not resembling anything functional. So don’t wait, do it today. Go out and take one step, then another and another into letting out your hidden treasures that are the REAL YOU. You’ve got this!