Muse Magnet



Far too often, when you have that blank “page” (canvas, floor, lump of clay, computer screen…) in front of you, Does your Muse let you down? I can help You with her, Wednesday July 29 in a 90 min workshop, downtown Fayetteville, AR.

I love assisting professional creatives break their Muse free from her shackles and release her creativity into their lives. I’m a muse magnet, and You can be one yourself. I’ve developed a program “Muse Magnet 101” to take you from the frustration of the blank page, to ideas bursting free left and right into the creative life you never even dreamed possible yesterday. I see you creating, selling and being extremely productive and prosperous. Can you?

Wednesday afternoon, I will get you started with a couple tools I have up my sleeves.

Let’s get You on Your way; sign-up today. Use the link below to register.

Also, you will have a choice of 3 tasty fruit/veggie smoothies for you to snack on during the workshop.


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