by Kelley Wilks
Muse Magnet 101
This morning I learned a couple things new about magnets… almost any form of steel can be magnetized (some more than others). The other thing was that  magnets can loose their charge and be easily re-charged by putting it near another charged magnet. Well duh! This relates greatly to being a muse magnet not just a metal magnet. We are all creative, we just may need a re-charge from time to time. Thus Magnets & Creativity are alike.

Life is funny the way stresses, distractions, worry, procrastination… can cause us to loose our own muse magnet charge. We can get quite far down that proverbial rabbit hole and not realize that it only takes a few simple steps to pull our-self back out and back into the creative flow.

There are some tools that work best for the different things that pull us down that hole and something may work better for you differently than your best friend.This is why I have a lot of tools in my tool belt (in my studio and in my head). At UD, my ceramic instructor, Dan, used to say that I had a tool fetish. I am not sure about that, but I do know that I love learning. I also like to have the best tool for the job, and thus I collect a lot of tools of all sorts. My massage instructor, Susie, said that “if you only have a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail”.

Watch others, whom you admire for their creativity, toneasity and success just how they do it. They will tell you that they all have been down there from time to time, they just realize it and pull them self back out really quickly and each time try to be more self-aware not to trip too quickly. Also, do not blame yourself, because, like I just said, we have all been there. Just pull out a tool or two and jump back in the game to win and have fun along the way. Like attracts like, so just hanging with other creatives can get the juices starting also.

I am conducting a mini-workshop to share with you a few tools to get you started climbing back out of your rabbit hole and into your studio, workshop or just creating the life you desire. Become your own Muse Magnet and enjoy living your most creative life. Register and feel free to share with your friends. It is $20 for the 90 min workshop along with fresh smoothies to try (so your mind won’t wonder in the late afternoon). Wed, Sept 2 from 4-5:50 downtown Fayetteville, AR.


Eventbrite - Muse Magnet 101, Sept 2, 2015

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