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ONE Day Workshops

– starting at $800+


Handbuilding Using the Potter’s Wheel

Everyone is mesmerized by the wheel but it often takes quite a while to begin to really get the hang of it. In this mini- pottery workshop you will learn a few methods of making things on the wheel and liking them sooner (less frustration). Beginners to intermediate.    email.

Decorating and Surface Treatments for the Raw Clay

This is one pottery workshop for the person who loves to try different techniques… We will explore, using slips in a handful of different ways from scrifito to texture to painting to feathering to what ever else I can come up with 🙂  Beginners to intermediate.  email.

Creative Toad Abodes Bird Houses & Feeders…

We will use multiple methods to come up with a handful of creative and fun feeders and homes for birds (and frogs) in this pottery workshop. Beginners to intermediate.  email.


Two Day + Workshops

– starting at $1200+


Unique Vessel Sinks

Hand-building and/or wheel techniques to make various styles of vessel sinks. Demo or hands-on. Intermediate to advanced ONLY.   email.

Mad About Tiles

I love doing this pottery workshop and everyone  really enjoys it also. You must discuss it with me before, because there is some prep work I will need to do for each attendee specific to your needs. Hands-on. Beginners to advanced.  email.


Call 505-349-4050. Email Kelley for more information at KelleyWilks