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Journal – It’s truly amazing how getting our thoughts down on paper daily with a journal opens so much creativity. It can be as simple as a mind dump or as complex as poetry or scrapbooking and many ways in between. It can be extremely helpful in life to be able to get your thoughts down when things are troubling, or to write a “letter” you never intend to send, or as a gratitude journal, or as a prep to writing by doing a mind dump or many many many other reasons like just noting your life.

You may have kept a diary, scrapbook or journal before, but we will discuss the benefits and many creative ways to do it. Ideally you will find one that fits your personality, allowing you to be more creative and have fun. 🙂

In this 2.5 hour class, Kelley will guide you through the process of making your own personal journal of leather, fabric and paper of your choice. It is designed so you can re-fill it and store your pages in a 3-ring binder or other book to keep your nice comfortable journal just for your writing. This also keeps you from having to go buy an expensive new journal every time you fill it.

Kelley provides handouts, and shows samples of different forms of leaving your thoughts, ideas and spirit on the paper along with tips to keep doing it regularly. When you leave you will be ready to begin your journey into journaling. Journal Making & Journaling
I can bring this Journal class to your space here in NW Arkansas

Creative Journal Making and Journaling

$50/person in your space – includes all supplies

min 4 / max 20 people

Call 479-521-3171 to schedule.