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Creativity – Fire-up your authentic creative self!



Creativity class with - Kelley WilksAs wonderfully creative beings, we all have a need in our daily lives to nurture our Creativity. This sometimes takes a little finesse to let it fly free and not hide in the cage where we often bury it. I see so many people who do not even think of themselves as creative, and it breaks my heart.

We were all born to be creative, it is just some of us either never learned or were told otherwise. It really is a simple fix. With a little re-conditioning we can add creativity to our daily lives. It is also the answer to a life filled with JOY!

Through Journaling, Meditation, Gentle Yoga and Art/Play sessions, I will share with you some of the tools I use to keep the flame of creativity alive in my life, and give you tools to help keep it burning in your life 🙂

Fire-Up your Creative Self – 4 weekly classes

$150/person for 4 weekly sessions if local to NWArkansas,  min 6 / max 12 people, all art/play supplies included for each session, yoga mat or beach-towel required


Fire-Up your Creative Self – 1 or 2 day workshop

$1100 / one or $2000 / two day workshop plus travel expenses, min 4 and Max 12 people,  all art/play supplies included, yoga mat or beach-towel required


aPotteryStudio & aCentering are located just outside Fayetteville Arkansas.

Call  479-521-3171.