Tiles and Mosaics


Tiles and Mosaics



Custom Mosaic Signs by Kelley Wilks 

Love to create these Unique Custom Signs for addresses or for business. Contact me and we can discuss your needs and find the prefect sign for you or for a gift. Have a Great day.


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custom tiles

My wonderfully fun tiles come to life by the following process.

  •  First, roll out a slab of clay and dancing a little to the music playing in the studio!
  •  Stamp it with found objects or ones that I have made.
  •  Assess the right size and shape for each design. then cut it to a 4″, 6″ or 8″ or a larger mosaic format.
  •  After it dries, fire it to 1945F.
  •  Choose a fun glaze for the message and to bring out the textures. then paint the glaze on.
  •  Fire again to its vitreous state which is about 2100F

custom tile

My tiles are all functional and you can use them many ways including to:

  • put in a mosaic or custom backsplash for kitchen bath or outside feature
  • insert into a pre-made or custom cutting board as a trivet
  • put on the rubber feet I include to use as coaster or as a trivet
  • glue a ribbon on it and hang as a wall decoration ( I recommend Amazing GOOP glue)
  • mount and use as your address or custom business sign
  • put on a stand and display by itself
  • whatever you can imagine inside or outside 🙂

See my complete collection on my etsy page.

These are my current lively and fun color choices:

  •  Lime Sherbet
  •  Orange Sherbet
  •  Tomato Red
  •  Dark Chocolate
  •  BlueBerry
  •  Stone Green
  •  Lemon Chip
  •  Glacial Lake
  •  Grape-ette

We offer custom color tiles. Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas.