Do Something Every Day That Makes You Smile!

helmut smile.jpg

I love this picture because it was totally on accident. See, I was riding with a friend one day and lifted my iPad to take a pic and apparently my finger hit the flip and it took the pic back of me instead of what I wanted in-front. I was not smiling for the camera, I was smiling because I was having fun and enjoying myself.

Do Something Every Day That Makes You Smile –

Riding on the back of a motorcycle may not make you smile (it would not make me smile today because it is raining here), but find something special each day that gives you that feeling of enjoyment and pleasure to the point you find yourself smiling without trying. One day it might be paying for the person’s food in line behind you, it might be sitting outside smelling a flower, digging through that box of photos and reminiscing with your grandmother about them, it might be sitting down and making a dream board, it might be to give a stranger a true compliment, making them smile, it might be test-driving your ideal car, it might be going to the park and swinging on the swing with the kiddos, it might be having a get-together with friends, it might be a long hug with a special friend… and the list is endless.

The point is to find something, do it, and then make a point of remembering the warm, happy feeling, maybe even journaling about it, to make the imprint deeper and carry on through your whole day. Try this daily for even a week and notice the difference in your attitude and the wonderful things that start to appear in your life. It really is easy and works, It is the law of attraction, so go SMILE. – Kelley Wilks

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