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After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I  knew something had to change. I remembered how to THRIVE and became cancer free! A condensed version of my story is below.
I want you to not get to the point of having cancer, but if you already have (or have had another serious health issue), I would love to show you how to thrive  not just survive with:  Do Something Every Day That Makes You Smile -
  • Personal Business & Life-Coaching
  • Inner Healer Goddess Group Program
  • Pottery Parties (team-building or just for fun)
  • Inner Healer Goddess Retreats
  • and much more
Creativity is a gateway to the soul and whether you are painting on a canvas, strumming the strings of a guitar, dancing around the room, cooking by adapting a recipe, or creating your thriving life, it is all something you have to imagine or feel first. In society now, many of us (especially women) have lost touch with what we want and are living our lives the way others “expect us to be”. I can help you re-connect to your true self, so you will know what truly makes you happy, feel like dancing and makes your heart sing with joy when you wake every morning. Are you in? email me at [email protected] to arrange to hop on the phone and see if coaching together is a right fit.

Unleash Your Inner Healer Goddess – Your Roadmap to Success

a 7week program

Love the Skin Your ore in - or do something about it. Inner Healer Goddess Group Program

Did you know that you don’t have to get sick and that your body was designed to heal itself? Imagine that just by eating a wholesome diet, getting reasonable movement and having a mindset shift, that you can feel more healthy, have more vibrant energy and want to jump out of bed with exuberance each morning because you love your life! I have put together a wonderfully transformative program that will empower to do just that, to Thrive not just survive. Click here to register for the program starting Tuesday August 8th. Registration coming Mon. July 17th.




Some of My Story

In 1995 my husband had a rock-climbing accident and that created a sudden shift in our lives. Until then I was focused on my Advertising career and my art life working juggling multiple jobs and then grad school while still working. His accident catapulted me into intense learning and self care including: studying different religious and spiritual practices, deepening my creativity and taking care of myself by working out regularly, eating better and starting a daily meditation/yoga practice. That became my new normal until…
 kelleywilks throwing on potters wheel

One day while visiting my mother in Arkansas, as I was walking on a neighboring plot of land, I felt intensely at home. I sat on a huge stone overlooking a creek in the woods and just meditated. I learned the property was for sale. I bought it, went through a divorce, moved to Arkansas, opened a retail art supply business and put everything into the business including all my time. I quit meditating and only put others on the list, but forgot me. Life became a drudgery. After 5 years, my partner had to leave the business, so he could take care of an ill family member. The business had grown too big too fast, so consequently I closed the doors 6 months later to save my sanity. I was entirely burned out! Then I had a cancer diagnosis.


 Wow, the changes. I’ve learned to thrive and am cancer FREE since 2014. After realizing how my grades back in school were far higher the semesters when I had balance with art classes I added balance and focus back into my life. Now I wake to a beautiful yard full of chirping birds, eat as holistic as I can including farm fresh eggs, meditate, enjoy walking my long drive along the pastures and hay fields, play in the studio more regularly, hang with friends in my empowering book club, appreciate a wonderful home with my loving partner on almost 100 acres, and get to help others thrive and live their amazing lives and making their dreams come to life. Joy radiates from every cell in my body. I can help you find what this looks like to you – living life on your own terms and thriving not just surviving.