Kelley Wilks

Spiritually Conscious Relationship Coaching

Are you ready to have your life become what it’s meant to be?

Divorce isn’t failure,

but living in unhappiness longer than you should, IS!

Are you miserable in your current relationship, separated, divorced, or just dreaming of a life without this person and with a ‘real-partner’? Does it feel like you are a perpetual bachelor or bachelorette, but desire your own special person?

I Can Help You With That!

Are you in an unfulfilling relationship?


82% of children of divorce would prefer their parents had parted sooner since they were deeply unhappy. Are you in an unhappy marriage? Some relationships can be fixed and some cannot, but putting your life on hold because your children are still in school does not help you or them. By working together, you will gain tools to know which direction is right for you and your current partner.  Then be able to work with and deepen the relationship you currently have, or part and find the relationship that is supportive, healthy, fun and what you desire. Both set a wonderful example for your child(ren) when they see you in a fulfilling relationship.

Does it feel like you will never find that “perfect” match?


Forever the bachelor or bachelorette? You’ve probably heard the saying ‘that a woman of a certain age is more likely to have something tragic like a plane crash than to find a guy’... that is BS. As we age we have higher and higher standards. We also often get set in our ways, and are less flexible. Both of these can be perceived to work against finding your wonderful fulfilling relationship. By working together you will gain an understanding of your sabotaging patterns, implement healthy boundaries and be able to take the actions to bring that relationship you long for.

Do your past relationships feel like a broken wreck-ord?


Have you been through your share of relationships and know what you don’t want but not sure exactly what you do want in your partner... thus keep getting the same-ole-thing? By working together you will learn what you truly value, gain tools so you can feel worthy of the partner you desire and release the new you into the world so that this new person you desire  is drawn to you that you are a wonderful match with. 

Through working together with All Life Can be Coaching you will:

  • Find Clarity in what you desire and what’s holding you back

  • Change your Mindset so you are receptive to manifesting who you truly desire

  • Create healthy Boundaries so the old patterns are gone and do not come back

  • Be able to present a New You to thrive in your blossoming relationship.