Kelley is great at listening, mirroring, caring when it is hard /compassion. She is a synthesizer and she uses her own experiences and skills to help solve problems. She uses her creativity and love of life to help frame different paradigms. She is sensitive and yet analytical and has a spacial creativity. Kelley could teach ANY one creativity, how to follow muse and how to be comfortable in who you are.
— M. Anaya, Social Worker

Happy Clients

I absolutely recommend Kelley Wilks Coaching to anyone who feels stagnant, like they can't manage to get what they desire. She helped me through a tough time in my life and business, and I've come out the other side because of Kelley!

I have a tendency of getting stuck in my own head, which can make it a darker place sometimes, and she opened the door to let the light in! I have so much to look forward to with what's up and coming, and that is because of the hard work that WE did together!

— jessie lavery, theta practitioner

A lot of people in Kelley’s sphere lean on her for stability, support and often get a basic life coaching lesson out of the interaction. A lot of them just need a calm uninvolved perspective to realize they can deal with their own issues.

People gravitate towards Kelley to improve their feeling/being in some positive way. Kelley’s able to inspire others to do things on their own or become part of the creative process

—jay lewis,Owner, Race Wizard

"I have found Kelley’s speaking presentations to be enlightening. Especially her approach to her breast cancer diagnosis.

When given the opportunity to experience her coaching, I was stuck in a particular area of my life. Kelley asks good questions to help you see a situation from a different perspective. She is a good listener and is consistent in her follow up. I received several good insights from my coaching experience and am now doing what I only was dreaming of months ago.

Additionally, my company hired Kelley to do a team building half day workshop which included making pottery together. Our team loved and benefited from the experience and had great fun bonding."

—Angela Belford,CEO Belford Group